Outdoor tire fun for kids


Is the thought of hearing the words “I’m bored” coming from your children this summer already making you crazy? Don’t worry, we’ve got just the thing to keep them entertained all summer long. Get your kids out into the sunshine, burning off some energy with a tire-themed backyard obstacle course.

Start off with tire hopscotch


Start your backyard obstacle course with a game of hopscotch. Set your tires up in different patterns for your kids to jump through. Make it extra challenging by having them hop on one leg or in zigzag patterns to keep them off-balance. You can designate which ones are jumps and which ones are hops with different color tires, or in the traditional hopscotch style board of singles and pairs.

Lead into a tire wall

Your hopscotch grid should lead up to a tire wall or ladder. There are a couple ways you can do this depending on how much room you have in your yard. For the tire wall, simply buy four, thick wooden poles that you can secure into the ground and wedge tires in a zigzag pattern going up the poles. Make sure to space the poles correctly so the tires stay in place when they’re climbed on.

To build a tire ladder, you’ll need four 2×6 boards, four wooden blocks, a small platform and a box of long screws.

  • Start by securing your platform into the ground, as this will be the top of the ladder. You can use an old play set or reinforced boards your kids can step on
  • Attach the wooden blocks to the front and back sides of the platform at the top
  • Lay two of the 2×6 boards on top of the blocks on the front and back sides of the platform
  • Attach as many tires as you can fit going up and down the 2×6 boards and secure them at the top with long screws
  • Drill a few holes at the bottom of the tires so rainwater can drain out
  • Make sure everything is secure before you start having fun! (1)

Get down and dirty with a tire tunnel


If you already have a sandbox, this is an easy DIY project for your obstacle course. Get your kids to get down and dirty with an army crawl through a row of tires. All you need to do is stand a row of tires upright and bury the bottom in sand so there is a nice tunnel. If you want to make this piece of the course extra fun, paint the outside of the tires in crazy patterns or to look like a giant caterpillar with some googly eyes at one end.

Finish it off with a tire swing


Have your children finish off the race with a (tire) swing across the finish line. You can attach your tire to a sturdy tree in your yard or a play set using these instructions from Instructables. (2) Your kids will love running and jumping onto the tire swing and flying across the finish line to complete the obstacle course.

Let your kids take turns running through the obstacle course with a timer. Buy some small prizes for the winners or let them choose the next activity. Whether they use each part separately or together, your kids will love this backyard upgrade. And best of all, they won’t even think of uttering the words “I’m bored” this summer.

Sources by: The Garden Glove (1),  Instructables (2)

Photos by: John Mayer, Jon Seidman, Jan HrfinaPaul Schultz

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