Pirelli #BELOW44 for Winter Driving Safety & Awareness

A browse of today’s Twitter trends doesn’t reveal anything particularly impactful or life-altering… No offense to Disney’s #TheMandalorian or #BestCartoonThemeSong, but these topics probably won’t influence your every day, or your family’s wellbeing and safety.

Pirelli’s #BELOW44 campaign stands apart from the world of frivolous social hashtags. This 44-day campaign aims to educate winter drivers about the critical importance of Winter Tires below temperatures of 44° Fahrenheit.

Widely misunderstood and sometimes conflated with other types of tires, Winter Tires are far and away the most influential variable when it comes to safe winter travel, no matter the vehicle type.

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The #BELOW44 campaign will take drivers through a straightforward progression on the subject, starting with the message that Winter Tires have a dramatic impact on traction and road safety when temperatures approach the freezing mark; even when snow, ice, and wintry precipitation aren’t in the picture —

“While many drivers believe the need for winter tires is based on precipitation and the ability to maneuver in the snow, in reality, temperature is the first and most important deciding factor. This is because the rubber in tires is formulated with specific compounds to perform well in different conditions — and cold is an important issue. Winter tires use different rubber formulations that stay soft below 44oF degrees to improve their ability to maintain grip on a cold road surface – wet or dry.”

The campaign will also address “the many misconceptions that consumers have about winter tires versus all-season tires and the importance of a tire made with a winter compound regardless of whether or not the driver is operating an all-wheel drive vehicle.” (For more information on why having four-wheel or all-wheel drive does not cancel the need for Winter Tires, see Does my 4×4 need Winter Tires?)

#BELOW44 will shed light on the very positive road safety impact of Winter Tires in regions where use is widespread or mandatory. Montreal, for example, has experienced a 46% reduction in serious winter accidents since Winter Tires became required. For many years, most of (winter affected) Europe has mandated Winter Tires because of their proven and dramatic influence on wintertime vehicle control and overall public road safety. In stark contrast, nearly half a million crashes and more than 2,000 road deaths occur every winter in America. These stats could be swung in a much more positive direction with the widespread use of Winter Tires.

If you’re looking to experience an actual difference and improvement in winter driving control this season, or want to learn more, be sure to stay tuned to Pirelli’s #BELOW44 campaign. And explore All about Winter Tires to become an empowered and informed winter driver!

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