Recycled Tire Championship

Okay, so we’re totally obsessed with tires. We think about them, talk about them, and if hard-pressed, some of us may even admit to dreaming about them. But the coolest thing we do is create art with them.

For the last two years, dozens of our distribution centers across the country have participated in a Recycled Tire Championship with scrap tires and old pallets.

The activity was planned with the hopes of creating more than just fun and creativity. Organizers were shooting for team building, engagement and camaraderie. What they got was all that and much more: over $2-million in facility savings, a rise in environmental stewardship, and most importantly, a dramatic increase in customer service ratings.

The following year, coordinators introduced a great incentive. The winning team would have a $1,000 donation made in their name to “Move Mountains.” The New-York based organization makes a difference to children undergoing life-improving, life-extending and life-saving chemotherapy.

Hundreds of tires were used in the competition, saving them from rotting in our landfills.

The last event was a huge success. Keep an eye out for highlights from the 2018 Tire Sculpture Holiday Contest.

2018 Event Winner from Kansas City Team
Top Five Finalist from Santa Fe Springs, CA
Findlay OH Finalist
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