Trailer tires: Do you need a new set? Here’s how to tell

TireBuyer now sells trailer tires! We hope you’ll enjoy this post, part of a series aimed at demystifying trailer tires.

With car and truck tires, it’s easy to know when to replace them, because you can see the tread wearing down.

Trailer tires aren’t so straightforward. The tread of trailer tires can look fine, even when the tires are at the end of their usable lives.

According to Carlisle, a leading manufacturer of trailer tires, one-third of a trailer tire’s strength is gone after three years. Carlisle says to start considering replacement at three years, and to always replace tires at five years.

After three years of use, we recommend inspecting your trailer tires and looking for:

  • Cracks in the sidewall
  • Uneven treadwear
  • Bulges, cuts, chips, or missing chunks

If you see these or any other abnormalities, you’ll want to replace the tires immediately.


Wondering how to make your trailer’s tires last longer? Here are a few tips:


Use your trailer frequently

It may seem odd, but regular use can actually make your trailer tires last longer. During use, trailer tires release lubricants that can extend their life.

Store your trailer out of the sun

UV rays are very damaging to tires. If your trailer is stored outdoors, invest in some tire covers.

Check tire pressure frequently

Just like with your car or truck, maintaining the correct tire pressure is one of the keys to long tire life.

Underinflated trailer tires can cause cupping, where the tires wear unevenly on the outer edges. Driving on overinflated trailer tires can cause the center of the tread to wear out. We recommend checking the pressure every time you take the trailer out on the road.


Have questions, or want help finding the right trailer tires? Give our tire experts a call at (866) 961-8668.

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  1. This is a great post, thanks for the info. I’ve also read you’re able to put sunscreen lotion on your trailer tires when they’re stored in the sun to limit UV ray exposure.

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