Safe Driving Slogans: Preventing Accidents with Savvy Sayings

Car accidents are the ninth leading cause of death in the world. Each year, almost 1.25 million people die in accidents, which is equivalent to 3,287 deaths each day. Additionally, roughly 20-50 million people are seriously injured or disabled.

Local, state, and federal governments are monetarily impacted as well. On a global scale, car accidents cost about $518 billion dollars. At this current rate, death caused by car accidents is expected “to become the fifth leading cause of death by 2030.”

Prevention is key

Car accidents, which are predictable and preventable, are not to be taken lightly. Road safety is a responsibility shared with drivers, government, engineers, educators, law enforcement, motor vehicle designers, and more. Decreases in the number of car accidents, casualties, and injuries have been shown by taking actions including the following, as stated by the Association for Safe International Road Travel:

  • Raising awareness of, legislating and enforcing laws governing speed limits, alcohol impairment, seat-belt use, child restraints, and safety helmets;
  • Formulating and implementing transport and land-use policies that promote safer and more efficient trips; encouraging the use of safer modes of travel, such as public transport; and incorporating injury prevention measures into traffic management and road design; and
  • Making vehicles more protective and visible for occupants; pedestrians and cyclists; using daytime running lights, high-mounted brake lights and reflective materials on cycles, carts, rickshaws and other non-motorized forms of transport.

In consideration of actions that are successful in prevention, the World Report on Road Traffic Injury and Prevention has fashioned several recommendations for policymakers in developing safety measures, such as:

  • “Identify a lead agency in government to guide the national road traffic safety effort;
  • Identify a lead agency in government to guide the national road traffic safety effort;
  • Prepare a national road safety strategy and plan of action;
  • Allocate financial and human resources to address the problem;
  • Implement specific actions to prevent road traffic crashes, minimize injuries and their consequences and evaluate the impact of these actions; and
  • Support the development of national capacity and international cooperation”

Other preventive measures

Slogans are just one way to prevent car accidents. Catchy slogans can help motorists, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists follow traffic and road rules. Slogans can be crafted to be encouraging and motivating, so people will be more inclined to abide by the law. Just because traffic safety is as serious, slogans don’t necessarily have to be. They can be creative, funny, serious, or a combination of all.

We’ve selected some of our favorite safety slogans. Check them out below:

  • Be alert. Accidents hurt.
  • Alert today to live tomorrow.
  • Fast driving is not safe, follow the limit to avoid chafe.
  • Drive slower to live longer.
  • Roads are made to drive, not to fly.
  • Fast drive can be last drive.
  • Injury gives you tears whereas safety gives you cheers.
  • Don’t be in hurry otherwise you will cause worry.
  • Look every way every day!
  • Night doubles traffic troubles.
  • Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent.
  • Road safety is a state of mind, accident is an absence of mind.
  • Safety is in your hands, it’s not automatic.
  • Stop accidents before they stop you.
  • Taking care of your vehicle is equal to taking care of yourself.

Safety slogans are just one way to address road safety, and should be included in your next road safety campaign.


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