Snow worries: This track system punches through drifts

Winter tires placed on all four wheels provide the traction and control you need when conditions are treacherous. Tire chains go one step further, enabling your vehicle to grip packed-down snow and continue on your way. But when it comes to deep drifting snow, even a four-wheel drive vehicle is bound to become stuck. Until now, thanks to a revolutionary track system that punches through challenging drifts.

Track N Go: Drifts begone!

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The system shown in the video is Track N Go, developed by AD Boivin Design Inc., a Canadian snowmobile manufacturer. We found videos and news reports about the product, which turns four-

The system shown in the video is Track N Go, developed by AD Boivin Design Inc., a Canadian snowmobile manufacturer. We found videos and news reports about the product, which turns four-wheel drive pickup trucks and beefy SUVs into giant snowmobiles. And it is awesome!

The Track N Go system is designed to work with vehicles equipped with low-range 4L, a limited slip or automatic differential on the rear axle, and outfitted with winter or all-season studless tires. Ideally, those vehicles will also have a front differential locker and a heavy-duty cooling system for optimal performance, including achieving maximum speed in deep snow.

Installation is actually surprisingly easy. Using a pair of loading ramps, you’ll first back your vehicle onto attached ramps before sliding into each track, then snapping them in place. Next, you’ll detach and move the ramps to the front of your vehicle, attaching them to the second pair of tracks. Drive forward onto the ramps and slip into the next pair of tracks. The company claims the process takes no more than 15 minutes to complete, and even faster connection times are possible with a helper.

Hit the road or go off road

Once Track N Go locks into place, you’re ready to hit the road. Power is sent to the wheels, which do not rotate, but cause the tracks to move. You can maneuver your vehicle just as you would without the system in place — moving forward, making turns, backing up, and braking. You won’t slide sideways either, as the system is mounted with plates on both sides of the track, an arrangement that also ensures you won’t be tossing snow in the air and impeding visibility.

More importantly, Track N Go makes it possible to punch through snow drifts with each impact absorbed by the tires, not the track. This provides optimum control and performance, while enabling your vehicle to reach speeds as high as 40 mph. Further, Track N Go may be used on a variety of terrain, including light mud, sand, and gravel. As for driving on local roads, your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles sets those rules. But unlike tire chains, the tracks don’t damage pavement, so there’s a decent chance you can use them all year round.

As for prices, we’ve seen estimates of $25,000 for a set of four. Although this cost is well beyond the reach of the average pickup truck owner, fleet services might benefit, especially as Track N Go can be moved from vehicle to vehicle as long as the system requirements are followed. Indeed, park services, police departments, and first responder fleets may find a track management system immensely valuable.

Vehicle manufacturers are also exploring track systems

If you think track systems are a fantastic idea and wonder why original equipment manufacturers don’t offer them, you should know that companies such as GM and Nissan are, in fact, testing them. However, unlike Track N Go, the track systems these manufacturers have in mind replace the wheels completely — you can’t slip out of them.

Although we love the 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD All Mountain concept shown in the video (currently operating on Vail Mountain), it’s just a concept. No manufacturer has a product that compares to Track N Go, or at least they haven’t yet presented us with one.

Video by: Darren Weaver


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