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Believe it or not, Oklahoma City is a hotbed for underground street racing, claiming that they have the fastest racers in the country. The ten best drivers in the city are added to “The List,” a ranking maintained by the OKC Street Outlaws. Their notoriety grew until they were scooped up by Discovery Channel, and are now the subjects of one of the hottest shows on the channel. Despite a rocky start with producers who weren’t convinced of the show’s potential and a cast who wasn’t sure if the show was just an undercover sting operation to get them all in hot water, Street Outlaws ended up being a great success for Discovery and the crew. The show never actually shows any illegal activity, with closed roads and valid permits for filming, but that hasn’t prevented this wild crew from getting into trouble both on and off camera. Check out some of our favorite cast members and their cars below:

Big Chief

Justin “Big Chief” Shearer has been a street racing fan since he was nine years old, riding his bike down to watch the races on Route 66. Big Chief hails from Louisville, Kentucky, but moved to the Oklahoma City area in 1992. Currently, he’s ranked #2 on the List, racing a 1969 Pontiac LeMans named “The Crow.” He’s recently finished a big, secret project called the New Crow, which is a twin turbo Pontiac GTO that Big Chief claims is the baddest on the planet. Back in 2015, Big Chief was involved in a huge accident with Ryan “Chucky” Davis during a race, with both cars losing control. The Crow was completely destroyed, but Big Chief was lucky to be alive with only a broken collarbone, some pulmonary contusions, and an injured spinal cord. The List has him currently ranked second.

Murder Nova

Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington was born in Merced, California, but moved to Sayre, Oklahoma when he was five. Growing up, Murder Nova worked in his dad’s auto body shop, and they worked together on several project cars. He bought the car that would become the
“Murder Nova” in 2005 after moving to Oklahoma City. The Murder Nova has undergone many changes over the years, but these days, it’s making a whopping 3,400 hp with a Big Block Chevy engine, two turbo-chargers, direct injection, and all sorts of internal go-fast parts. Murder Nova is currently ranked tenth on The List.

Daddy Dave

David Comstock, better known as “Daddy Dave,” was born in Oklahoma and received his TV debut on the infamous show “Pinks” in 2009. Daddy Dave once topped the list with a 1996 GMC Sonoma S10 Pickup with $150,000 in parts to make it an absolute beast with almost 1,800 horsepower, but currently he’s ranked third with his Chevy Nova known as “Goliath 2.0.” Dave’s previous “Goliath” Nova build almost cost him his life in 2015. During a “no-prep” night at the Amarillo Dragway where they don’t put any rubber or traction compound on the track, Daddy Dave rolled his Nova six times before smashing into a wall. Dave received a concussion and a bruised lung in the accident, and was rushed to the hospital. He recovered, but the doctors said it was a miracle that he survived. Daddy Dave is third on The List.


Chuck Seitsinger grew up in Oklahoma and has been street racing since he was able to drive, but he doesn’t just race illegally on the street. In fact, Chuck is an accomplished professional drag racer, with multiple championships in import drag racing with Hondas before ever appearing on Street Outlaws. Chuck’s current ride is a 1989 Ford Fox-Body Mustang named “Death-Trap” that he’s proven is the fastest small-tire car around. Although these days it’s using wider tires, as required by the power put out by the 429 cu. in. Chevy Small Block engine and twin turbochargers. Chuck is currently ranked fourth on The List.

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