The 5 Oldest Cars Still in Production Around the Globe

The invention of the automobile has revolutionized the world as we know it. There have been many new and exciting improvements to the car since the first Benz Patent Motorwagen was designed and produced. Here’s a look at the five oldest cars still in production that aren’t manufactured in the U.S.

Suzuki Jimny

  • Manufacturer: Suzuki
  • Country: Japan
  • Started production: 1970
  • Class: Off-road SUV
  • Body style: wagon, van, convertible, pickup truck
  • When the Jimny was presented at the 1998 Tokyo Modern Show, it achieved instant iconic status. With its cute yet rugged design, this vehicle boasted its body-on-frame chassis, vacuum-locking hubs, dual-ratio transfer box, and high ground clearance. Its tried-and-tested technology promises solid reliability. However, the interior design is outdated and it’s only equipped with a radio and CD player.

Lada 4×4 aka Lada Niva

  • Manufacturer: AvtoVAZ
  • Country: Russia
  • Started production: 1966
  • Class: Off-road car, compact SUV
  • Body style: hatchback, wagon, pickup, can
  • The vehicle was the first mass production off-roader to feature a unibody architecture and independent front suspension with coil springs. It was the predecessor to current crossover SUVs, which nearly all followed this format. It was also coined by some as the “greatest Soviet car of all time” and described by designers as a “Renault 5 put on a Land Rover chassis.”

Morgan 4/4

  • Manufacturer: Morgan Motor Company
  • Country: UK
  • Started production: 1936
  • Class: Sports car
  • Body style: roadster
  • The 4/4 doesn’t mean it’s a four-wheel drive. It stands for four cylinders and four wheels because back then, the usual Morgans had three wheels. It was actually their first car to be made with four wheels. Experts predict it will continue for another 25 years because its lifespan isn’t based on economics, but on tradition. The car is still pretty much the same, having changed little with mechanical upgrades through the years. In 2016, Morgan celebrated the 80th anniversary of the 4/4 by bringing out a brand new roadster of this British iconic car.

Opel Antara

  • Manufacturer: Opel
  • Country: Germany
  • Started production: 2006
  • Class: Compact crossover SUV
  • Body style: SUV
  • It’s a blend between a GM and a Daewoo and made its entrance into the European market in 2007. It didn’t get a facelift until 2010. The model received reworked headlights, as well as redesigned taillights. Changes happened in the interior also, with the car’s center console featuring more quality materials than its predecessor. It’s recently seen the lighting system improved along with better fuel economy.

Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse

  • Manufacturer: Daimler-Benz
  • Country: Germany
  • Started production: 1979
  • Class: Mid-size luxury SUV, luxury pickup truck
  • Body style: SUV
  • The G was originally developed as a military vehicle for the German Army but was eventually offered to civilians. It was a luxurious four-wheel drive that only the rich could afford, and one of the few vehicles to have three fully locking differentials. Closing its doors might sound remarkably similar to shutting a safe. The latest version is the 2017 Mercedes-Maybach, featuring a folding fabric roof and V12 biturbo engine. It still sees action today in armed forces around the world while at the same time becoming somewhat of a celebrity go-to car. Experts predict an 85% chance of it still being in production in 2020.



What’s the oldest American car still in production today?

The Chevrolet Suburban, launched in 1933 is the oldest American car still in production. The automobile may have been born in Europe, but the oldest car nameplate still in production is American. The Chevrolet Suburban first went on sale in 1933 as a commercial vehicle.


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