The Best American Cars Currently for Sale

American car companies like Ford and GM have started to move away from producing passenger cars due to the country’s insatiable appetite for crossovers and SUVs. Despite that fact, the cars that American companies are currently producing are better than ever, so we decided to take a look at some of the greats that are currently in production as of the end of 2018.

1.) Chevrolet Corvette

It’s the quintessential American sports car, offering the performance of European exotics at a price that almost anyone can dream of being able to afford. These days, Chevy offers the base Corvette with 455 hp, and it only grows from there, with 650 hp in the track-focused Z06 and 755 hp in the top-of-the-line ZR1. Best of all, the current interior design and overall quality of the materials are actually very nice compared to previous generations, which helps to make the Chevy Corvette a truly great car on a global scale.

2.) Lincoln Continental

In a world where the line between luxury cars and sports cars is blurred more and more everyday, the Lincoln Continental makes the bold choice of staying in the pure luxury camp. While it has plenty of power, the point of the Continental is to insulate you from the outside world with luxurious features like 30-way adjustable/heated/ventilated/extra-soft leather seats, active exterior noise cancellation, and a premium audio system. However, the best feature of the Continental, are the interiors that are offered at the top of the line trim, which feature colorful names like Rhapsody in Blue, Chalet, and Thoroughbred.

3.) Cadillac CT6

The Cadillac CT6 is one of the most technically advanced luxury cars on the road today. While many other cars feature driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist, the CT6 is available with a feature called “Super Cruise” which is truly a hands-free self-driving experience. As long as you’re on an interstate, the CT6 will pretty much drive itself, although an infrared camera watches your eyes to make sure you’re keeping them on the road. On top of that, it’s comfortable, and powerful, and there are enough other luxury features like a 34-speaker sound system that make you feel like you got your money’s worth.

4.) Buick Regal TourX

These days, crossovers may be all the rage, but there’s still a subset of the population that really likes the idea of a wagon. The Buick Regal TourX is meant to appeal to those people, while also providing a lifted ride height and all-wheel drive experience that allows it to tackle some off-road trails. It’s also a great looking vehicle inside and out, especially at the higher trim levels, as well as far more interior space than you can expect out of any luxury SUV in its price range.

5.) Dodge Challenger

An old-school muscle car in an era where every other automaker seems to be focusing on maximizing fuel efficiency. It feels most at home on the straightest of roads, it’s big and imposing, giving it a character that no other car on the road has today. Most importantly, Dodge offers it with several powerful V8s, including a 5.7-liter with 375 hp for the Challenger R/T, a 6.4-liter with 475 hp in the Scat Pack, and a 6.2-liter with a supercharger that offers 717 hp and 797 hp in the Hellcat and Hellcat Redeye, respectively.

6.) Ford Mustang

A cultural icon that holds a place in America’s heart like no other car on this list. That said, it has changed significantly over the years. The Mustang is no longer a pony car, but rather a full-on sports car that can both corner and accelerate like nothing the original designers likely ever envisioned, and is available with a turbocharged four-cylinder or with a powerful V8. Despite these performance advancements, the Mustang is still accessible to a wide swath of the American car-buying public, with an entry point well south of $30,000

7.) Ford Focus RS

While the Ford Focus RS may be on its way out along with the rest of Ford’s passenger car lineup, it’s still a very special vehicle. The Focus RS packs a 2.3-liter turbocharged engine with 350 hp, giving it unparalleled performance compared to other hot hatches. Additionally, this hooligan of a vehicle features an intelligent all-wheel drive system that’s able to shift power from wheel to wheel, including a drift mode that will send power to the rear wheels, making heroic-looking sideways stunts look easy.

8.) Tesla Model S

For some reason, when people think of American cars, they never really think of Tesla. The Model S is one of the most influential American cars, as it’s the first electric car that actually saw widespread sales and appreciation from the general public. Buyers loved the range, which at 335 miles from the 100D trim is far more than any other electric vehicle, as well as the cutting edge infotainment interface, driver assistance features that border on the edge of true self-driving capability, and best of all, the ludicrous acceleration in the P100D that will forcefully pin you to the back of your seat.

9.) Chevy Bolt

While the Tesla may be more attractive, the Chevy Bolt is an excellent electric car in its own right, and is the first competitive offering from any legacy automaker. The Bolt gets 238 miles of electric power, and you can get 90 miles of range in just 30 minutes of charging. However, the best thing about the Bolt is just how normal it is; it’s a highly competent car that doesn’t use gas and doesn’t put out any carbon dioxide.

10.) Chevy Impala

The Chevy Impala may be the most average car on this list, but it’s a very good car in its own right. GM may have just announced its demise, but for those looking for a comfortable and quiet sedan that can eat highway miles for breakfast, it’s hard to go wrong with the Impala. The interior is spacious and it’s full of modern technology that makes it a highly competitive offering for those whose car needs stop short of a performance or luxury vehicle.



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