The Motoring Club: Where Car Enthusiasts Gather (Online and in Real Life)

The Motoring Club is a membership club for the modern day car enthusiast. Our goal is simple; to save our members time and money on all things auto related. The idea for the club was born out of our own challenges in finding the right products, info, and shops to work on our cars. Every time we had a question relating to our cars, we found ourselves spending a lot of time searching across many different platforms. If we needed new wheels/tires or a local shop to do a wrap, we might ask a few car friends or search online forums and Facebook groups. Often what we got were a lot of contradicting answers or new questions that left us back at square one. We asked ourselves, wouldn’t it be great if we could create a simple platform that cut through the noise to help enthusiasts get insider deals from trusted sources?

With The Motoring Club, we curate a vetted assortment of automotive brands across all major categories that offer our members preferred pricing. Members pay a low yearly fee (currently $50/year) to access our partner benefits. Our goal is to help enthusiasts from all over the U.S. discover new products or brands and receive ongoing discounts from a selection of trusted partners. We want to be your friends in the industry and help you get the hook-ups normally reserved for group buys or industry folks.

What we hope to achieve

Our first goal was to launch our online membership platform, which went live this spring. We launched with national/e-commerce partners (like TireBuyer) first and are now slowly building out local partnerships in major metro areas, beginning with Los Angeles and San Francisco and adding NY/NJ/CT this month. Each week we’re adding new partners (all of which can be previewed on our benefits page). Our next goal is to open up local brick + mortar clubhouses (beginning in L.A.) to bring car enthusiasts together in a permanent space to hang, drink coffee, work on cars and host classes and events. You can think of it as a permanent cars and coffee clubhouse open to all.

Our audience and our membership welcomes all enthusiasts who spend time and money on their cars or trucks. Unlike traditional car clubs that focus on a specific make, model or location, we’re open to a variety of enthusiasts who might own (or will own) multiple makes and models. Why join a club that only gives you benefits for one of your cars when we can provide help and benefits for any of your current or future rides? It’s difficult to be everything to everyone so we started with partnerships focused mainly on European brands, but will continue to grow and expand to other areas of interest. In addition to an ongoing discount on tires/wheels from TireBuyer, we have partnerships with brands offering everything from roadside assistance and extended warranties, to aftermarket/performance parts, accessories and race/track products.

Along with our membership platform and upcoming brick + mortar location in L.A., we attend a lot of events and share our adventures on instagram@themotoringclub. As a TireBuyer reader, we’re happy to extend to you a 20% off discount on our yearly membership (reducing it to just $40/year) to join. Simply enter the code “tirebuyer” at checkout. If you aren’t quite ready to join, you can head to our site and enter your email to receive our bi-monthly news digest of interesting stories and car finds from around the web. Feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or just to say “hi!”


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