The Real Story Behind Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Huayra

Dwayne Johnson, better known by most as The Rock, is a 6′ 5″ tall, 260 lb. wrestler and actor in the U.S. – best known for the Fast and the Furious movie series. These movies are based on fast cars, action, street-racing, hot women, and criminal activity. As of 2017, this series became Universal’s biggest franchise (sixth biggest of all time), making over $5-billion for nine films. The fans love their cars, and truly, The Rock loves his cars too. In 2016 he rolled up to the “Ballers” film premiere in a gorgeous, custom Pagani Huayra (that he could barely fit in), borrowed from Brett David, owner of Prestige Imports and Pagani Miami. Yes, that’s right, borrowed – despite the common misconception; it actually isn’t his car.

The Huayra is part of Project Vulcan, a Pagani project created for the United States’ official dealer in Florida. Pagani Miami is a division of prestige imports, to which Brett David’s dad, Irv David, was CEO. Brett often refers to Pagani cars as rolling art, because he has such a passion for supercars, and his father did as well. Project Vulcan, Brett David’s custom Pagani, took two years to complete and has a really interesting backstory. Huayra is an Andean wind god, and Vulcan is a Roman fire god. These concepts are apparent in the color scheme and design of the car – the striking exposed carbon fiber and flashes of juxtaposed red. It features red wheels, a custom front end, and interior honeycomb stitching. The exposed carbon fiber blends with the black and silver exterior beautifully. Brett David opted for exposed carbon fiber after seeing how much care and detail are put into it.

However, the car is special in another way, too. If you look inside the car on the center console, there’s an engraved nameplate that reads: In memory of Irv David. It’s signed by Horacio Pagani himself, created for Brett’s custom Pagani, in honor of his late father. The car, needless to say, is not for sale. It’s very special to the family. It is something to truly honor Irv David, as he liked supercars almost as much as his son does. The managing director at Pagani spoke for the brand when he said it was an honor to get to know the David family. He’s glad the car means so much and hopes the car stays in the family forever. He went on to admit that Prestige Imports is an exceptional choice for U.S. representation of Pagani. Brett David was rather happy driving his custom Huayra along the gorgeous Italian coastline. He gets it serviced right at Pagani, but says the maintenance is a breeze. He plans to partner with ADV.1 for wheels and wants to get a 55 ft. Van Dutch boat to match.

Brett David has ridden in hundreds of Paganis and other supercars and is excited to make Prestige Imports a supercar epicenter. His passion and ambition for supercars is unmatched, which is what makes the Rock such a good candidate to drive his car. Rolling up to the Ballers premiere in Project Vulcan was more iconic than anyone had realized – in order for the Rock to be driving a car that Brett held so dear, there had to have been a lot of trust. He likely saw this as another opportunity to do what the car was made to do: show off.


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