The Story Behind the Diesel Brothers

Dave Sparks and Dave Kiley, better known as “Heavy D” and “Diesel Dave” are the bearded faces of the hit Discovery Channel show “Diesel Brothers,” where they build crazy diesel trucks that most people can only dream of. Heavy D is the boss and imagination behind the business, while Diesel Dave acts as the face of the company. Along with their equally-bearded team members, the Diesel Brothers create incredible high-end diesel trucks for clients, as well as for giveaways used to help drive customers to their business.

Contrary to the show’s name, the bearded Diesel brothers are not actually biological brothers. Both of them grew up in the Mormon Church of Latter-Day Saints, and they happened to meet at a church event for singles. Instead of meeting their future spouses, they ended up with a new friendship. “Kind of weird, I know,” Heavy D says. “It’s where you go to find your future wife or a life partner. Definitely found my life partner; wasn’t expecting them to have a beard.” Sparks invited Kiley to come to hang out at a lake with some friends and Kiley accepted, thinking it would be a perfect opportunity to meet girls. On that trip, Heavy D accidentally put regular gasoline in his diesel truck, and the two bonded over their love of diesel trucks while siphoning out the gasoline.

In between mouthfuls of gasoline, the two came up with the idea of DieselSellerz, an online haven for diesel truck enthusiasts. DieselSellerz would host classified ads for all sorts of diesel trucks from all over the country, from completely stock vehicles to highly customized off-roader specialists. DieselSellerz also has parts for sale and the opportunity for trades. They also started Sparks Motors, where they transform used trucks and into something incredible machines before selling them on DieselSellerz, as well as Diesel Power Gear, which sells clothing, parts, and accessories to diesel fans.

In order to promote the businesses, Diesel Dave came up with the idea of posting crazy videos on YouTube of trucks doing stunts – for example, 1,500 horsepower donuts and burnout challenges. As they gained popularity from the videos, the site grew significantly along with their business, with each video encouraging more and more people to visit the sites. The success of these videos inspired Diesel Dave to come up with another crazy idea: giving away their insane trucks to lucky fans.

Diesel Brothers - Giveaway Truck
Diesel Brothers – Giveaway Truck

They started off their giveaways in 2014 with a completely built-up 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 with a twin-turbo Cummins engine. The Ram gained so much attention that companies started sponsoring parts all over the truck, and it was a huge success. Over time, they’ve given away almost 20 vehicles, expanding the contest to ATVs, motorcycles, and most recently, a custom Jeep Grand Cherokee. The giveaways incorporate all three of the businesses and are completed largely through Diesel Power Gear. Fans get entries to the giveaway for every $5.00 spent on the site. The money spent by fans covers the cost of the truck, and then some.

The businesses grew tremendously, and eventually Heavy D and Diesel Dave were invited to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The Tonight Show appearance catapulted them into the media spotlight, where they were noticed by the Discovery Channel who reached out to them with the offer of a TV show. Discovery began filming “Diesel Brothers” in 2015, and since then the show has become one of the most popular reality shows on cable television. We look forward to watching what these bearded brothers will do next!