There’s a New Boss in Town

Mickey Thompson Baja Boss is more powerful, imposing and hefty than the rest.

At its unveiling at the 2018 SEMA Show, 10-tons of sand and live cactus plants were brought inside the Las Vegas Convention Center to show off its dominance in the off-road field.

Classified as an ultra-premium extreme mud terrain radial tire, the Baja Boss is truly in a league by itself. Off-road obstacles? Not a problem. Boulders, fallen logs, rivers, deep mud and sand are no match for the Boss.

But the tire has a lot to brag about.

It features a new PowerPly XD 3-ply sidewall construction technology highlighted by 50% extra cord for even greater puncture resistance, improved handling and quicker steering response than the original PowerPly.

The next generation tire features SideBiters that are 50% bigger than on the previous version. And for the first time in MT history, the tire is sized all the way to 24-inches. It’s the biggest, baddest tire MT makes.

The asymmetrical tread pattern is silica-based for excellent traction, noise reduction and long-lasting wear. It also makes the tire resistant to chips and cuts. Keeps the feel on-center, too.

Tire voids are deep and wide to enhance traction and keep the car biting forward through whatever comes its way. The Stone Ejector Ribs keep gravel from becoming lodged in the tread grooves. Angled Shoulder Scallops go one step farther making it the ultimate in self-cleaning and improving traction. Mud Scoops provide a concave surface for mud traction and keep mud and debris from clinging to the tire.

The Baja Boss offers unparalleled off-road traction. Plus, Mickey Thompson is American-owned, and the Baja Boss is American-made.

Mickey Thompson has been the off-road enthusiast’s choice for over 50 years. Your next adventure won’t be the same without the Boss.

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