Tires made in the United States


We know that many of you like to know where the products you buy are made. So we thought we’d share this list of tires that are made right here in the U.S.A. If you prefer to buy American-made products, read on – we’ve got plenty of tires for your truck, car, and even your trailer!

Cooper Tires – many styles are made in the U.S.


Cooper has four manufacturing facilities in the United States and all the following tires are made here:

 Many of Nitto’s tires are made in the U.S.:

 All of Mickey Thompson’s rugged truck tires are made in the U.S.:


 Dick Cepek truck tires are also American-made:

Many BFGoodrich truck tires are made in U.S. factories:

BFGoodrich tires

 And here are a few more tires made right here in our fine country:

 We even have U.S.-made trailer tires, so you can roll 100% All-American:

As always, if you’d like help finding the best tires – American-made or otherwise – for your car, truck, trailer, and more, just give our tire and wheel experts a call at (866) 961-8668.


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  1. I had a set of 6 Coopers for my truck. 5 of them separated or exploded long before wearing out. It doesn’t matter where they’re made if they kill you.

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