Trucks & SUVs We Love: Land Rover Pet Packs

Trucks & SUVs We Love: Land Rover Pet Packs
Trucks & SUVs We Love: Land Rover Pet Packs

Jonathan Swift, author of the classic Gulliver’s Travels is also well-known for giving dog lovers good advice when he said: “Every dog must have his day.” If Jonathan were alive today, you can be sure he would recommend you head to your nearest Land Rover dealer to place your order for one of their new Pet Packs to help your canine friends travel in as much luxury and safety as you do. The three Pet Packs include a selection of specially chosen accessories, including a quilted load space liner, foldable pet carrier, access ramp, and a portable rinse system.

Safety and Comfort for Canine Land Rover Occupants

Land Rover management, always on the lookout for ways for Land Rover owners to include their best friends in every aspect of their lives, recognize that about half of Land Rover owners are also dog owners who consider their dogs to be among their best friends. Indeed, the most famous Land Rover owner, Queen Elizabeth II, famously takes her many Corgis along for rides in her Defender. By offering canine comfort and safety items specifically designed for all their models, Land Rover is helping dog owners to include their best friends in all of their travel adventures.

Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.  W.R. Purche

“Land Rover is all about enjoying the great outdoors and that goes hand-in-hand with dog ownership for many customers,” said Finbar McFall, Jaguar Land Rover’s Product Marketing Director. “Our customers told us that the comfort of their dogs on car journeys is crucial. They are part of the family and we recognize that. Our new Pet Packs aim to allow dogs to travel in real comfort and make journeys simpler and more relaxing for dogs, and at the same time to protect the inside of owners’ vehicles.”

Trucks & SUVs We Love: Land Rover Pet Packs
Trucks & SUVs We Love: Land Rover Pet Packs

Three Pet Packs Available for Every Land Rover

Three Pet Packs are available for every Discovery and Range Rover model:

  • Pet Load Space Protection Pack which includes a quilted load space liner, a full-height luggage partition, and a spill-resistant water bowl
  • Pet Transportation Pack having a foldable pet carrier, spill-resistant water bowl, and a load space rubber mat, and
  • Pet Care and Access Pack with a full-height luggage partition, quilted load space liner, foldable pet access ramp, and a portable rinse system

A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down. Robert Benchley

Your Pet Pack may be ordered when ordering a new Land Rover vehicle, or may be purchased at your Land Rover dealer to fit your present vehicle. In addition, Pet Pack items may be purchased individually.

Trucks & SUVs We Love: Land Rover Pet Packs
Trucks & SUVs We Love: Land Rover Pet Packs

Pet Pack Highlights

The premium quilted load space liner, designed to protect the floor, rear seat backs, and side wall carpets from muddy paw prints, is made of soft quilted fabric with an integral rubber mat and a detachable bumper protector. The load space liner is easy to wipe clean and is tailored to fit each Land Rover vehicle.

I love a dog. He does nothing for political reasons. Will Rogers

The foldable pet access ramp helps older or smaller dogs into the rear load space without the need to lift them. Capable of supporting up to 187 pounds, the ramp features aluminum side panels and a plastic center section with a high-grip tread pattern. Rubber feet keep the ramp steady and keep it from slipping during use.

Trucks & SUVs We Love: Land Rover Pet Packs
Trucks & SUVs We Love: Land Rover Pet Packs

The foldable pet carrier, with a lightweight metal frame, quilted fabric cushion and net windows, provides a safe and comfortable way for dogs to travel. The carrier is available along with an 11.8-ounce spill-resistant water bowl to let your four-legged friend quench his/her thirst without having to ask, “Are we there yet?” A large lip and an anti-slip rubber base keep water from spilling when driving on everything but the roughest terrain.

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. Josh Billings

For owners who think their dogs have everything, Land Rover offers a portable rinse system to take along on road trips. The rinse system holds up to 1.7 gallons of water and delivers up to five minutes of continuous flow depending on which of the five spray settings is selected. Every dog owner knows that a drive in the country with a dog can involve any kind of adventure—lakes, trails, and wide-open fields—that isn’t especially interior friendly to your Land Rover when it’s time to go home. The portable rinse system is ideal for washing the pet or rinsing off muddy bikes.

Trucks & SUVs We Love: Land Rover Pet Packs
Trucks & SUVs We Love: Land Rover Pet Packs

Land Rover

Land Rover, founded seventy years ago, built its reputation by providing clients with some of the most luxurious and capable vehicles in the world—vehicles that will take you just about anywhere you want to go in utmost comfort. A Land Rover is at home driving through the heart of the city or traversing the countryside on- or off-road.

If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.  Woodrow Wilson

The Land Rover engineering team has now expanded its technical expertise to offer your most devoted canine friend the same comfort and safety its given you for seventy years. A remarkable accomplishment certainly, but after all, what else would you expect from a company with ROVER as part of its name?


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