Which Cars Are Popular With Powerball Winners?

When you picture a lottery winner, do you see them driving a Honda Civic, Toyota Prius or another practical car? Probably not. Though it’s always smart to save, the line starts to blur with $150-million in the bank.

Powerball and lottery winners are often more famous for burning through their cash than winning in the first place. The picture usually isn’t complete without one or two – or maybe a dozen – overpriced automobiles.

With that in mind, here are a few of the most popular cars among the world’s lottery winners.

1. Audi S- and Q-Series

According to survey data collected by lotteries across the world, Audi regularly ranks among the most popular makes purchased by lottery winners. The S-series and Q-series specifically seem to receive special attention from the nouveau riche.

The SQ5 starts at $52,900 and the Q7 starts at $53,550. These Audi models aren’t exactly “affordable” choices for the majority of us, but they’re also not the most extravagant cars you’ll see on the road.

2. Tesla Model S

Two different sets of U.S. Powerball winners from recent years went on to purchase cars from one of the most talked about automakers in the world: Tesla.

One winner splurged on a gold-colored Tesla Model S, while another made their $90,000 USD purchase of a Tesla one of the few luxury upgrades they made after winning. Some estimates say a Model 3 from Tesla carries a similar cost of ownership as a Camry. If they truly kept the rest of their lifestyles as-is, these Powerball winners may have made fairly practical automotive choices.

3. Jaguar XJR

Before he won £15.5 million ($19.1 million USD) in the UK’s National Lottery, a 62-year old man had the dubious honor of driving a Ford Granada. Like many lottery enthusiasts, he had high hopes, but not very realistic ones, of winning the payout so he could indulge his dream of owning a garage full of supercars.

After taking home his winnings, he got to work assembling a seven-car collection — one for every day of the week — starting with a Jaguar XJR. The XJ series has been in production since 1968, and today starts at an MSRP of around $75,000.

4. Aston Martin DB9 GT

Aston Martin makes some of the most iconic and sought-after luxury cars in the world. The DB5, for example, is perhaps “the” car associated with 007 himself: James Bond. The Aston Martin DB9 GT “Bond Edition,” which found its way into the every-day-of-the-week car collection above, is an updated take on the DB5 that coincided with the release of “Spectre” in 2015.

Plenty of other lottery winners have made it their ambition to own and drive an Aston Martin too, including a fresh 2018 graduate from the University of Bolton in England. The only trouble with his plans for his £1 million EuroMillions prize is that the young man had to pass his driver’s test first!

5. BMW i8

Maybe it’s not a surprise, but Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, better known as BMW, is a top-of-mind carmaker for lots of people after they strike it rich. Fortunately, the price of a Powerball ticket is only $2 in the U.S., which is doable for those of us who aren’t quite millionaires yet.

That said, you’d better be rich if you’ve got a BMW model in your sights — these cars are some of the most expensive to maintain over their lifetimes. Over the course of a decade, owning a BMW will set you back almost $18,000, on top of the MSRP. And those MSRPs can be steep. The BMW i8 starts at $147,500. So, unless you’ve already got your winnings in hand, it’s probably best to put this particular dream on the back burner.

Ready to play the odds?

With the possibility of a $150 million payout or more, it’s easy to understand why the Powerball is popular.

So how about it? Which car, or cars, or supercars would you spend your lottery winnings on if you had the chance? Or would you keep on rocking that secondhand Kia until it falls apart? You’ll hear no judgments from us.

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