Which Jeep Is Right for You?

So, you’ve decided you want to buy a Jeep – great choice! You’ve done your research and decided that the reliability, versatility, dependability, and capability are just what you want and need. You know you want to do more outdoor recreation and you want an SUV style vehicle versus a sedan or compact car. You want a vehicle that will get you into all the places your heart desires – and back out! You know a Jeep can do that. However, with older reliable models and sophisticated new models, you have a huge variety of options to choose from and you’ll need to decide which one will support your lifestyle and adventures. Which one will fit your needs, finances, and aesthetic desires?

An overview of Jeep models

In 2018 there are six basic Jeep models available to purchase new:

  • The Cherokee offers seven style options to choose from, each offering a different package of upgrades from the baseline model. Cherokee is designed to meet the wants and needs of drivers who want a midsize to large SUV style vehicle while still getting all the toughness the Jeep brand is known for.
  • Grand Cherokee offers a whopping ten style options to meet every driver’s desire. As with the basic Cherokee model, the Grand will appeal to owners who want a larger SUV but also want to get around town with serious class and style, bordering on pampering, while still getting the benefits of the rugged Jeep features.
  • The Compass is available in five style options and is a great option in between the Cherokee and the Renegade price-wise, as well as its size as a mid-sized SUV. The Compass will likely appeal to young professionals who enjoy the benefits of in-dash technology that keeps their career moving forward during the week but can easily shed the suit and drive right out of town and straight to the trail on the weekends.
  • The Renegade provides six style options that will appeal to younger drivers who want a fun look, with serious off-road capability. Priced economically and sized right as a mid-size SUV, it’s an ideal vehicle to learn 4-wheel driving skills and knowledge. The style appeals to couples or young families as it’s spacious, but cost-effective while maintaining its toughness and a fresh style.
  • The Wrangler is the most iconic symbol of the Jeep brand. It appeals to hardcore off-roaders who want the ability to drive their vehicle in town as well. While all Jeep models have the classic Jeep 4×4 capabilities, the Wrangler has the toughest and most robust trail ruggedness. Boasting the widest variety of model options to choose from, the JK is currently available in nine style options and the JL comes in four style options (JKs are being phased out and JL is beginning production in 2018).

Who are you and what do you want?

Deciding what you want to do in your Jeep will go a long way in selecting the best vehicle to meet your desires. While certainly not a comprehensive list, here are a few questions and suggestions that you can ask yourself to begin narrowing down your choices:

  • Do you want to travel in style? Cherokee
  • Are you a practical driver? Compass
  • Do you want a pack mule for your extreme sports equipment? Renegade
  • Do you want a powerful off-road rig for rugged trail conditions? Wrangler
  • Do you want the tomboy look as you drive up to the valet at the theater? Compass
  • Are you new to off-roading and ready to learn in a serious 4×4? Renegade
  • Do you want to get to your mountain cabin in the winter in high style? Grand Cherokee

Bonus: do you like to tinker with accessorizing or rebuilding vehicles? Jeep models through the decades are renowned for holding their resale value and are readily available to buy used in a huge variety of phases for refurbishing.

Consider purchasing a classic Wrangler – just know that with such a robust history, your choices are vast. Strictly speaking, the Wrangler is not a CJ or Willys, but you can easily see the influence. If you want to do a massive Jeep overhaul and have a vintage vehicle in the end, CJs and Willys are a great option.

If you like a pickup style vehicle, you’re in luck. With a little search effort, you can also select the Comanche to restore.

Consider a newer Patriot or Liberty to accessorize or beef up for light-duty off-roading. With little effort, you can upgrade these models to meet a variety of purposes, while not breaking your bank on a new model.

Regardless of what model you choose to revamp or upgrade, aftermarket replacement parts are available with a cursory online search and truly custom parts or accessories are found with a slightly deeper search.

No matter what you desire, you can always count on the classic Jeep brand rugged trail-rated components while maintaining class, style, and good looks no matter what model you choose. So, if taking your Jeep up snowy mountain peaks, across white sandy beaches, through forested two-track trails, or crawling over jagged or smooth rocky cliffs, or digging through bumper-deep mud, yeah, there’s a Jeep for that.

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