Why The New Bugatti La Voiture Noire Is The Most Expensive Car in the World

In March 2019, Bugatti unveiled the most expensive car in the world. It’s so beautiful, it was purchased even before the covers for display were removed at the Geneva Motor Show. The buyer paid $18.9 million (including tax) to get ahold of this car.  While rumors were circulating that Cristiano Ronoldo was the buyer, he maintains he isn’t. At the moment, there’s only one Bugatti La Voiture Noire in the world and Bugatti plans to keep it that way. Obviously, the owner will preserve it like a valuable jewel for future generations. So, what makes this model so special? Well, let’s dive right into it.

Fancy design

Just take a look at the La Voiture Noire. There’s just something about it that touches your soul, right? For starters, it was designed to pay homage to a classic Bugatti model (Type 57C Atlantic) that went missing during World War 2. What’s more, the all-black Atlantic model was designed by Ettore Bugatti’s eldest son Jean. He was a very enthusiastic designer with the idea of a technological, luxurious and aesthetic model that was reincarnated in a new era. And you can clearly see that in the new model.

The details of the La Voiture Noire are just breathtaking. The windscreen flows smoothly into the windows. Heck, you can’t even see the separation lines between the windscreen and the windows. It gets better. The bumper has been professionally placed on the body. To top that off, this car possesses clear lines that guide the eyes finely on the surface. Actually, the lines give you the impression that the car is a single piece.

Can you see the carbon fibre body that has a deep dark gloss? That’s the result of a high level of mastery in manufacturing. Every single detail on the hyper car was crafted by hand. Stand right next to the car and you’ll see a reflection of your face, no doubt about it. The black is just amazing.

But wait…there’s more, La Voiture Noire’s wheels complement its general appearance. The tires have been painted artistically to match the rims. Needless to say, this car was given a historical touch through the fin that runs through its center. It brings life into the car reminiscent of the legendary Bugatti Atlantic’s fins.

At the rear lies the heart of the car. The name “La Voiture Noire” has been crafted artistically to attract your eyes. Just below those words, there are six exhaust pipes that highlight its mechanical power.


Undoubtedly, you can’t help but wonder if the detailing of this car is out this world, what about the performance? But here’s a thing, this car is built on the Bugatti Chiron drivetrain. So when it comes to performance there isn’t much of a difference between this model and the Chiron. Nonetheless, it’s not that quite easy to come across a one-off hypercar with a 16-cylinder, 8-liter engine that breathes 1500 horsepower. Plus, those specifications rank it among the fastest cars in the world. Astounding, isn’t it?


Honestly, the value of Bugatti La Voiture Noire is due to its scarcity. Twenty years down the line, automotive fanatics will be willing to sell their souls to get this model. Just as wine matures and gets better with time, the price of a scarce car also matures with time. And you know what? This car will serve a bigger purpose as an antique. It will attract more attention as a symbol of wealth, status and as an art piece. Driving such a car would be degrading it.

Check this out: Currently, there are only two Bugatti Atlantic 57SC (the model that inspired the design of La Voiture Noire) and one of those models was sold at a whopping price of $40 million. If a 1936 model costs that much in this decade what about the La Voiture Noire? Do the math and you’ll realize how much the La Voiture Noire model will cost 50 years from now. Basically, purchasing this car is just like buying stock from a company that’s yet to grow into a multi-billionaire establishment.

In a nutshell, Bugatti decided to focus more on the artistic features on this model than the performance. They were celebrating their 110th anniversary and the best way they could do that was to design an automotive art piece. After all, they were paying tribute to Jean Bugatti’s design. He had a gifted mind for proportions and aerodynamics. The Bugatti La Voiture Noire defines all that but in a modern style. Even though there were no major changes in the performance, it’s still commendable. Actually, it possesses the same engine that was used to set a Guinness record.

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